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Due to their enormous skill, intelligence, and the most important: their incredible ability to interact with other animals and human beings in a safe environment, hand raised parrots can be one of the most cheerful and rewarding pets. That’s why there are thousands and thousands of people around the world, just like you, who are very interested to teach their birds to imitate human voice and do all kinds of amazing things at home. With us you will find a lot of information on the subject. But remember, we are not a pet shop, we are professional breeders with many years of experience in the business, which basically means that from start to finish all the parrots we sell are hand raised and looked after by us. And what is even more important to make your decision: all our birds are raised on high quality formula. Also, we do not sell our babies unweaned and ensure that they are eating perfectly well. We wean all our birds onto pellets, sprouts, vegetables and fresh fruit.

We have the most affectionate and healthy hand raised birds for sale. We talk about birds that can be very social, friendly, outgoing, empathetic, even cuddly with the people they love. In fact, some of these awesome creatures have a strong and natural tendency to bond with humans, in a manner that you don’t see in other pets, like dogs or cats. We breed a large variety  of birds, including  Alexandrine Parrots, Conures, Indian Ringnecks, Amazon Parrots, Eclectus Parrots, Quaker Parrots and Macaw Parrots, among others. So, if you are looking for hand raised parrots for sale in Australia, this is the place.

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Georgina and hand raised parrots raise the most beautiful looking birds, but most importantly they are hand raised which allows for the true connection of having a bird as a pet. They come with birth information tagged and Georgina is always at hand for help and to answer any questions. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking at getting a bird should get them from Georgina.

Debbie purchased a quaker and conure for her daughter Tuscany

If you are looking to buy a top quality, healthy hand raised easy to handle affectionate bird, then I strongly recommend you contact Georgina at Hand Raised Parrots. She is very helpful, full of knowledge and goes out of her way to help you. Her birds are raised in a loving, very clean environment. I got to choose my baby, a green cheek conure which I fondly called Pickles. He is very healthy, adorable, talks a lot and is a great companion. I am so glad I have him. Thank you a so much Georgina.

Olga purchased a Yellow Sided Green Cheek Conure

We were looking for a new pet bird for a while but couldn't find what we were after, until we found Georgina and hand raised parrots. We were welcomed into her house where we were greeted with a choice of beautiful conures, We chose a beautiful baby green cheek. We called him Rio, he is now 7 months old, cheeky and starting to talk and is very affectionate, Georgina was always available to answer any questions we had, we would highly recommend her.

Emma, Victoria



Hand Reared Parrots

We believe that Hand reared parrots make absolutely priceless pets and are very well known for their set of skills to imitate the human voice and even other animals. But there is much more about these marvelous parrots. Birds are highly sociable creatures, even with people, and they are also capable of learning a lot of incredible tricks. Actually, they are one of the most entretaining and popular pets in our days. We have a wide variety of quality hand reared parrots for sale. All our baby birds are hand raised in a caring and loving environment. We spend many hours a day with our parrots to make sure they are well socialized before sending them with their new owners. In other words: we deeply love and care our babies, and want to find the best possible home for them. Parrots tend to be very sociable and intelligent creatures. They have very distinct personalities. For example, some Parrots are well known for their talking abilities, like Indian Ringnecks or Alexandrines Parrots; and some of them are more known for their playful character and their affectionate behaviour, like Conures, one of the top choices around the world. Most of them are naturally adaptive and will adjust to your home in just a few days. With us you will find all the information on hand reared parrots in Australia. If you have any questions regarding our hand Raised birds, or maybe what kind of parrot will suit your home and your lifestyle, please feel free to contact us. Don't be afraid to ask. We are more than willing to answer any questions that you have.

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