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If you are looking to buy your first hand raised parrot or would like to add another one to your family then we have some great news for you…
With over 15 years experience, we can guide you in the right direction with picking your new hand raised parrot.

Why Should you trust us?

We understand that it is hard to trust everyone especially on the internet when it comes to hand raised birds so we thought the best way to gain your trust is to share our other customers experiences with you.

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Jess Matharoo

Last year around the same time of year, me and my wife were looking to bring a pet home. So we get to the conclusion to bring a feather buddy as we both loves the parrots. We both done some research and found Hand Raised Parrots from their website. After talking to Georgina we found out that they are doing this job like the Pros. First we plan to get a an Alexandrine which is very common breed if someone is fan of talking parrot. But after knowing that Hand-raised parrots got a large varieties of bird then we become uncertain about  of which breed we get our family pet. But consulting with Georgina she help us deciding which bird is best according to our lifestyle and family environment, and we end up with decision to bring Charlie(Blue Fronted Amazon green) home. Since that we keep on asking Georgina about our birds and question about him to learn more about him and Georgina was like just a text away from us. She send us the pictures of baby Charlie in few weeks to show us how is he’s growing.  She always a big help to us who made us prepared before we got Charlie home. Finally the day came along after long wait of 6 months. We were so excited to bring our new buddy home. When I reached there to pickup Charlie I was so happy to see him.He came on my hand so quick and didn’t feel like I m stranger to him. I brought him home where I already arranged stuff for him as Georgina told us to make him feel home.From the very first moment Charlie was great with us. All credit goes to Georgina……….thanks for giving us our lifetime buddy.


My partner and I recently bought a Sun Conure from Georgina and Brian. Penny has a great personality and no doubt that is because of how she was raised. Definitely recommend Hand Raised Parrots.