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African Grey

We proudly present an extremely smart medium size bird; originally from the central region of Africa from Kenya to the Ivory Coast. This species is light gray over all their body but a little darker on the head & wings, with an amazing red touch on the tail feathers. They have a long life expectation of about 40-60 years and they can make a great life companion if their habits and routines are taken care of.

You’ll be utterly surprised by their ability to repeat numbers, mimic human voice and associate those voices with faces. African Grey parrots are considered as intelligent as a 5-year old human being for certain tasks. In other words, they are wicked rock stars when they feel loved and cared for. African Grey parrots are very emotional and more than a pet they become a lifetime friend of the household.

When these birds are in the wild, they eat mostly fruit, nuts, and fresh seeds because they are prone to deficiency in vitamin-A/beta-carotene. When you have your bird at home, it’s recommended to feed them with pellets, since they offer a more balanced nutritional parrot diet for your bird. Make sure it includes bird pellets, a variety of fruits & veggies, and a source of calcium.

African Grey parrots high reputation is due to both their large vocabulary when talking and their aptitude for recognizing the meaning of words and phrases. Imagine playing foraging and puzzle games with your pet… that could be hilarious. They actually need some mental stimulation in order to stay happy and healthy. Their wonderful skills reached the news in Japan in 2008, when a lost Grey Parrot was returned to his owner thanks to his ability of repeating his name and address.