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Baby Parrot Care Sheet

This is the exact information care sheet we give to all of our customers when they buy a Hand Raised Parrot from us.

Bringing your bird home can be a stressful time…

Moving a young bird to unfamiliar surroundings with unfamiliar people can cause the bird to withdraw a little and cause it to go off its food for a couple of days while it’s adjusting to its new environment.

If this occurs, there is no cause for alarm, its normal.

It’s best to monitor the bird’s adjustment progress. If 2 days pass and the bird’s not eating, then contact us and we can assist you.

Most of the time Parrots settle into their home quite quickly.

Your new Parrot has just become a new member of your family and it’s important for the bird to know where it fits in the family pecking order. To start the bird off properly you need to place the bird’s cage in a high traffic area in the house, the kitchen or lounge area is suitable. Away from the windows and central heating and air conditioning vents.

The height of the cage should be lower than the eye level of the smallest person in the house who will be handling and taking care of the bird. The reason for this is because the pecking order is determined by how high the bird sits over other family members.

If you have a cage with the top that opens out, then it is advisable to take the stand off the bottom of the cage, keeping the bird below eye level.

Allowing the Parrot to sit on your shoulder above your eye level will give the bird the idea that it is higher than you in the pecking order. The result is dominant behavior, misbehaving and sometimes biting.

Your Hand Raised Parrot should only sit on your hand, arm or be cuddled against your chest for the first 3 years until the pecking order has been imprinted in its physic.

We would love to be kept updated on your bird’s progress, why not send us some pics of your bird and we will put them on this website for you. Send pics to info@handraisedparrots.com.au

Feel free to print this care sheet.

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