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These amazing little bright colored birds are originally from the Amazon River area in Brazil, and some parts in Guyana, Colombia, Venezuela and Peru in South America. Their name means “Cacique” which refers to the Tribe leader, no wonder they are so energetic and with this strong personality. On top of everything: they will keep you entertained by showing their crazy tricks, hopping around the house and rolling over on their backs.

Like Spider Monkeys, Toucans and leaf-eating mammals such as the sloths; they are animals of the rainforest canopy, that’s why they prefer to climb, walk or jump instead of flying. They build strong bonds with humans and can be quite affectionate, so if you are thinking of a Caique, it can be a great choice of a pet and family member for the next 30 years, bearing in mind their average lifespan.

Caiques can be found as black-headed or white-bellied with an orange color in their head, always showing a bright green for their wings, as well as yellowish feathers in between. They are very pretty at sight, so they don’t relay in their talking abilities. Their strength is more linked to whistle and cluck, when it comes to catch the attention.

Honestly, the bird is a character, more clown-like companion with this amazing outgoing attitude. As great comedians, they can also put on a show and be stubborn at times. Blame their cuteness. These chubby little creatures enjoy playtime to the most! Providing them with toys and branches is a great idea to keeping them in in good shape.