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    • When will the bird be ready?
      All birds must be eating independently and gaining weight, fully feathered and flying before they can go to their new home. Each bird takes its own time to wean and we will not force a bird to be ready to meet a specific date of the buyer. Some birds take longer than others and we cannot give a specific date on availability, we can only give an estimate. The good thing about this is you know you will be getting a fully weaned, healthy bird to take home.

    • Are your birds friendly?
      Yes, our birds are friendly. We will not sell an unfriendly bird as hand raised. All our birds have been raised in a friendly family environment being accustomed to everyday living conditions such as people, children, pets, vacuums, televisions and other household noises.

    • Are you a genuine breeder?
      Yes we are genuine breeders. We breed and raise our own babies so we can ensure the birds we sell have come from healthy parents on a good diet that are vet checked regularly.

    • Do your parrots talk?
      All our birds species sold have the ability to talk. But please keep in mind that each bird is different and some choose not to talk and others can be very talkative. We cannot determine this from a baby bird.

  • Can I take the baby bird home and finish raising myself so it will bond better with me?
    No, we do not, under any circumstances sell un-weaned birds. You will not get a better bond with the bird by finishing off the weaning process yourself. A baby parrot will not stay with its parents in the wild after weaning, once it leaves the nest, it goes to find new friends and will actually bond and respect their new friends more than its parents. This is the same for Hand raised birds; the new owners will have a closer more respectful bond with their bird then we would being the human parents.