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Hand Raised Alexandrine for Sale

All of our Alexandrines are sold for this season… We will have more babies ready around

October 2017


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Alexandrine parrots for sale

Male with DNA certificate only $495

Female with DNA certificate only $450


If you are looking for a hand raised Alexandrine for sale —also called Alexandrine parakeet— you have come to the right place. We have the most affectionate and loving ones. These birds can be wonderful pets. Unlike other species, Alexandrines are capable acrobats, they are also very loyal and often bond with multiple family members.

Alexandrines really love interacting with their owners. They are highly intelligent, not over needy, very good talkers (with the appropriate training based on repetition) and perfectly able to amass an extensive vocabulary. They also have a natural tendency to become emotionally attached to the person they know, forming a strong bond to their family members.

We provide some of the most gorgeous Alexandrine parrots for sale. With the correct environment, training, patience and socialising techniques, you will find the most incredible pet for your house. They are independent, beautiful, interactive and playful creatures.

As professional breeders we take proper care of all our birds in a quality place. You will see a marked difference with a traditional pet shop in how our babies are kept, fed and looked after. This is essential to ensure a healthy and long life for your future friend. In fact, every single one of our Alexandrine for sale has been hand raised from two weeks old.

These fantastic birds are seasonal breeders, which means that baby Alexandrines are only available just a few months a year, around October-December. They do make great pets for both experienced and unexperienced owners alike. So, if you are looking for a bird with a great character, this is one of the best and most rewarding options. With us you will find all the information available on the subject. If you have any questions, please, don’t be afraid to ask and contact us.

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Hand Raised Alexandrine for Sale