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Hand Raised Amazon for Sale

All of our Amazons are sold for this season…We will have more babies ready to go to their new homes January 2018 

Our order book fills up quickly as we only do a fixed amount each season…

Order Early to get ahead in the queue.

Amazon parrots for Sale

 Hand Raised Blue Fronted Amazon                        $1,500


Hand Raised Yellow Crowned Amazon                        $1,700 

Hand Raised Double Yellow Headed Amazon             $2,995

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With many years of experience in the field, we can provide some of the best hand raised Amazon for sale all around Australia. These birds are very affectionate, intelligent and interactive with humans. They have amazing speech abilities, among other social set of skills.

As professional breeders with over 15 years sharing our passion, we raise all the babies from two weeks old, this means we start feeding and socialising them with people from the beginning of their lives, so when the birds are ready and eating on their own, they are very friendly.

Like all parrots, Amazon love to be the center of attention. Due to their sharp intelligence and charming personalities, these creatures make fantastic pets for any home. They are very social and really love to interact with the people they know. There is no need to be afraid to take them out of the cage and spend a lot of time with them. On the contrary, this type of daily routine will result in a much more happier and loyal companion, and avoid the moody side of these birds.

Our Amazons for sale are very good mimicking the human voice. They spend a lot of time playing with their new toys, singing, talking, rolling on their backs and exploring the surroundings.

We DO NOT buy the birds from other breeders or shops and hand raise them. Our Amazon parrots for sale have been hand raised only by us, making them accustomed to handling, human voices, and the typical noises that occur in a home environment. So, if you are ready to give quality time to a new and fascinating pet, please contact us for pricing or further information and availability.

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Amazon for Sale