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Hand Raised Conures for sale

We are now raising baby conures…
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Hand Raised Conures for sale

Hand Raised Sun Conure                  $595 ( with DNA certificate)

Hand Raised Nanday Conure            $595 ( with DNA certificate)

Hand Raised Jenday Conure             $595 ( with DNA certificate)







So, you finally decided to look for a hand raised conure for sale; in other words, a new longlife friend. Well, that’s just great, but first you need to know a few but relevant things.

Which conure parrot is the right one for me?

This is a very important question that you must ask yourself before you take one of these lovely creatures into your home, primarily because no two hand raised birds are alike. That’s a plain and simple fact. Every conure for sale has its own distinctive nature, temperament and personality. As professional breeders with many years of experience, we have the answer to the previous question. We can help you to weigh all the options extremely carefully in order to get the bird that will suit you and your family. Once they bond with your lifestyle, you will realize how amazing and loving they are as companions.

Conures make fantastic pets for any home. They are an owner’s joy because they are highly fun, intelligent and sociable creatures. With the proper training, they are also capable of learning many tricks, even imitate the human voice. If you are looking to buy your first bird, or maybe like to add another one to the family, you have come to the right place. We have been breeding baby birds for a very long time, which means that our conure parrots for sale were professionally hand raised by us since day one. We also have a large variety of species in all sizes and shapes.

Not all of them, of course, but most of the pet shops see breeding strictly as a very profitable business. On the other hand, we breed birds out of love and we want to share this passion with other like-minded people. We DO NOT buy the birds from other breeders or shops and hand raise them. This means that we own and take care of all the breeding pairs.

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