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Hand Raised Eclectus for Sale

We are currently hand raising male and female Eclectus Parrots.

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Hand Raised Eclectus for Sale

Eclectus Prices:

Hand Raised Male Eclectus         $1,250

Hand Raised Female Eclectus     $1,100


Some of these birds, for example the magnificent Eclectus, one of the most popular around the world, will settle into their brand new home much sooner than others. Why? Well, maybe because for this bird, adaptability is essential to survive. They live for around four decades, and sometimes even more, which makes them a lifetime companion for any person. They are generally quiet, calm, docile, and since they live in small groups in the wild, spending most of there time in the tree tops, they also tend to bond very easily to a hole family rather than just one owner.

We have the most playful hand raised Eclectus for sale. So, if you are finally trying to decide what your next bird should be, the Eclectus could be the answer you were looking for. And remember: we do not buy the birds from pet shops or other breeders and hand raise them. Hand raising a bird is an extremely delicate procedure that requires extensive experience and a wide variety of professional techniques, that´s why we actually take care of all our babies from start to finish. Dedication and a lot of affection bestowed upon a young Eclectus is indispensable for their future health.

Our Eclectus parrots for sale make wonderful pets for any home and active members of their families. They have amazing talking abilities and will always surprise you with how good their words are pronounced. Most of them can also mimic their favorite sounds, such as music, tunes and the voices of the people they know.

The Eclectus just enjoy hanging upside down and interacting with humans and other birds. In some cases, they can understand many voice or sound commands. That’s why it is very important that you provide a safe and stimulating environment to keep this bird’s mind active and sharp. Our Eclectus for sale are fast learners, that’s a fact, and capable to understand that a reward is given for good behaviour.

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