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Hand Raised Macaws for Sale

All of our Macaw Parrots are sold for this season. We will have more Macaws to go to their new homes January 2018… We only do a fixed amount of Macaw Parrots so it’s essential to get in early to

secure your baby… Order now so you don’t miss out!


Hand Raised Hahns Macaw                   $1,450


Hand Raised Blue & Gold Macaw          $4,950 


Hand Raised Scarlet Macaw                  $9,450


Our order book fills up quickly… Order Early to get ahead in the queue.


Welcome to our website, home of some well hand raised Macaws for sale. All our birds are part of our happy family and get a lot of good training; so, if you’re looking to add a new friend to your own family, look no further. These incredible and fun loving birds are much more than just a pet, they are a loyal companion for life.

Breeding high quality Macaws for sale takes a lot of passion, dedication and special techniques. All our babies are remarkable. They are just beautiful in every single way. Just look at the pictures on our website and you will note the quality if their feathers. In all cases we wean our birds onto sprouts, fresh fruit, pellets and vegetables.

Macaws are very affectionate, intelligent, and requires great deal of attention from the owner. Our babies are used to living in a house with other pets, people, even with small children. Although Macaws tend to bond with only one person, they can be trustworthy with anyone.

As bird lovers and professional breeders, we believe our Macaw parrots for sale make excellent pets for good and responsive owners. The babies come from perfectly healthy lines, and all are raised in a caring and safe environment. We actually spend hours and hours a day with them to ensure they are well socialized and get the best start in life.

With us you will find all the information on Macaws. Hurry up and get your order for the first birds of the season. And remember: no baby will be sold until they are fully hand raised and weaned. If you have any questions regarding our Macaws please feel free to contact us. We are more than willing to answer your questions.

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Macaws for Sale