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Hand raised parrots for Sale SA, Adelaide

We send hand raised parrots to SA region (South Australia). They can live for many, many years, which makes them a lifetime companion for any family. They also tend to bond very easily to the whole family rather than just one owner; although, in some cases a parrot can form a very trusting, special, and loyal bond to only one person.

As professional breeders with many years sharing our passion, we take proper care to prepare all the birds when it comes to freight. We can assure you that our hand raised parrots for sale in Adelaide will be delivered perfectly safe to you.

So, if you are trying to decide what your next bird should be, this is the best place to shake away your doubts and fears. Think this for a minute: we do not buy the birds from any other breeders or pet shops and hand raise them. In fact, we take hand raising very seriously. It is a very delicate procedure; that is why we actually raise all the baby birds from just two weeks old. Dedication and a lot of affection bestowed upon a young parrot is indispensable for its future development.

Our hand raised birds for sale in Adelaide region make wonderful pets for any modern home. They have an amazing set of abilities and will always surprise you with new words and sounds. Most of them can also mimic their favorite music and the specific tone of voice of the people they know.

With us you will find all the information on hand raised birds for sale in South Australia area; all of them capable to interact both humans and other birds. Hurry up and get your order for the first birds of the new season. And remember: no baby will be sold until they are fully hand raised and weaned. If you have any questions please contact us.