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Hand Raised Quaker for Sale


Quaker babies are now being raised for the 2017 season… Babies will be ready to go from December onwards.

Don’t miss out, contact us now to secure a baby this season.


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Hand Raised Baby Quakers 3 in 1 reduced size
Why pay $700+ for a half tame, unsexed Quaker Parrot from a pet shop? When you can get your Quaker from a trusted breeder and save yourself the heartache and money..

Our Prices:

Green Quaker with DNA Certificate $350
Blue Quaker with DNA Certificate $400

All of our babies are professionally hand raised by us



We have the most inquisitive, smart, energetic and fun loving hand raised Quaker for sale. These fantastic creatures just love to play around with their bells, swings and special made toys. In fact, Quakers are very independent, and they can spend many hours practicing their whistles, chirps and human vocalizations. All our babies are raised in a caring environment. We spend many hours a day with them to ensure they are as friendly as they can be.

Both female and male Quakers have and extraordinary capacity to imitate the voice of the people they know and love. With the proper training, most of them can start talking from as early as four months old. They need to be well socialized with the hole human family in order to avoid them becoming just a one person kind of bird. They appreciate the company of their favorite humans or other animals, which means they can become bored if left alone too often or for large periods of time with no mental stimulation. On the other hand, a pair of birds will bond just fine if introduced early enough, but won’t lose the bond to their human owners. The only key to keep them happy, which results in a much more healthier animal, is a family life and a lot of close interaction and fun.

Our Quaker parrots for sale are very active, healthy and playful birds. They require sufficient space for them to move around, as well for their perches, food, water and toys. With the proper environment and care, they will settle into their new homes quite fast.

We are expert breeders, not a pet shot, and our Quaker for sale is one of our most precious members of the team. See Eclectus, Macaws, Amazon and Ringnecks.

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