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Hand Raised Ringnecks for Sale

All of our Ringnecks are sold for this season… We will have more babies ready around

October 2017

We are taking orders now.

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Hand Raised Violet Ringneck $450
Hand Raised Violet Lacewing $450
Hand Raised Pastel Violet $450
Hand Raised Pastel Blue $400
Hand Raised Cinnamon Lacewing $400
Hand Raised Blue Lacewing $350
Hand Raised Yellow (Lutino) Ringneck $350
Hand Raised Blue Ringneck $350
Hand Raised White (Albino) Ringneck $300
Hand Raised Grey Ringneck $250
Hand Raised Green Ringneck $250




We are expert breeders of hand raised Ringnecks for sale, an exotic and intriguing animal with a large variety of social skills. Like most parrots, Ringnecks are very smart and do make fantastic pets. They learn all kinds of tricks really fast, even concepts, and love to show off.

Along with being brilliant, they are great at mimicking. Their talking abilities are phenomenal. In fact, these wonderful birds are truly masters at articulating sounds (they can learn up to 250 words), and can easily compete with Amazon parrots and even Quakers. However, even though the Ringneck is highly capable of talking, not every specimen will learn to mimic human speech. For reasons that no one fully understands some guys just refuse to talk.

Our Ringnecks for sale are remarkably beautiful. Both males and females look practically identical; however,when the male matures he will have a distinctive black ring around his neck, highlighted with pink, blue and turquoise. Although the female may not exhibit this dazzling ring, they are beautiful as well.

All our baby Ringnecks parrots for sale are raised in a caring and loving environment, which means we are truly devoted to this extraordinary parrot and want to find the best home for them. We spend many hours a day with our birds to ensure they are well fed, trained and socialized.

Ringnecks are more than just a pet; they are an excellent choice for people who want a talking companion. You can pick your friend before it is weaned, but please remember that no birds will be allowed to move to their new environment until flying and fully weaned.

With us you will find a lot of information on Ringnecks. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to answer any questions.

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