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Terms and conditions

Hand Raised Parrots terms and conditions when purchasing a bird:
Birds must be chosen carefully, as no refunds are accepted once you take ownership of the bird and all deposits on pre order sales are forfeited within 7 days of making the deposit.
All freight expenses are at the buyers expenses. Travel insurance is not inclusive of the price. Travel insurance must be organised by the buyer if wanted.
Hand Raised Parrots will not be held liable for a refund once the bird is in the hands of its new owner.
All birds that leave Hand Raised Parrots are in good health. It is the buyer’s responsibility there after once they have received the bird.
Any claims of refund or exchange can only be claimed within 24 hours of receiving your parrot.
If there is a problem, contact must be made within 24 hours of receiving your bird.
We require a Vet autopsy report for any death claims made to confirm that the death is health related. It needs to show that the death is from an underlying health issue and not from eg: Broken leg, attacked by another animal or human, metal poisoning from new aviary/cage, incorrect diet or anything else which is beyond the sellers control.

Hand raised parrots are not to be held responsible for any bird that is purchased with clipped wings that flies away. The clipping of a bird’s wings is not a method to stop the bird from flying, it is to reduce the birds flying ability and is not a guarantee in any way that the bird cannot fly away. All bird’s feathers eventually regrow so it is the buyer’s responsibility to have their wings re-clipped when necessary.

Once a deposit is made, the buyer has 7 days to re call their deposit otherwise they forfeit their deposit.
Freight is currently $165 to all major airports but can change at any time.

All hand raised birds that are sold by Hand Raised Parrots have been raised in a friendly family environment being accustomed to everyday living conditions such as people, children, pets, vacuums televisions and other house hold noises. It is the buyers responsibly to train the bird to ensure no behavioural issues occur. Hand Raised Parrots is not liable for any bird’s behavioural changes once going to their new home.

Each parrot is sold with an information pack; it is the buyers responsibility to read the information provided to help with the settling of their new bird. If the buyer has not received their information pack via email, it is they buyer’s responsibility to email Hand Raised Parrots to request a copy to be sent.
It is the buyers responsibility to check all local state and council laws regarding keeping specific breeds of birds in that area.